Tested in the best laboratories according to the ASTM-C1399 , UNE EN 14845-1, UNE EN 4651, UNE EN 12390-3 standard of tests for the determination of the age of figuration and characteristic tensile stresses induced in the same concrete under the condition of restricted shrinkage.

FLEXOFIBERS MICRO is the only 100% recycled metal fiber that provides the same benefits as other synthetic fibers. It is a fiber composed of steel wires of high quality and very small diameter, thus achieving a large number of filaments per unit of weight and better distribution throughout the concrete mass. Less space between filaments generates greater efficiency and redistribution

This is the only high strength steel fiber for concrete reinforcement that can have advantages and behaviors similar to many synthetic fibers existing in the current market due to the great flexibility of its filaments.

  L=10mm       D=0.25mm        Ar=40             Flexible steel