New building materials are high-tech products to create more efficient and economical infrastructure. The use of fiber-reinforced concrete is increasing competitively in new markets. This has increased the demand for synthetic fibers in various industries such as transportation infrastructure, building construction, mining, and FLEXOfibers™ is the only metallic fiber that competes with synthetic concrete reinforcing fibers that have the largest market share. This is important due to its technical advantages and low cost.

FLEXOfibers™ is a group of metallic fibers resulting from the processing of end-of-life tires, which have a high degree of tensile strength and flexibility. Its reduced diameter (250 microns – 0.25 mm) allows obtaining large quantities of filaments per unit of weight and lower dosages per cubic meter of concrete, making it a very competent product and coming from processes that comply with the circular economy.

Our FX-25, FX-20 and FX-15 products have been tested according to the UNE-EN 14651 and ASTM C-1581 standards for flexo-traction tests and study of average residual resistance.