We redesign the traditional processes to transform waste into raw material

The Flexofibers venture was born in 2017 and is the product of more than 20 years of experience in the construction and tire recycling fields.

As a result of observing and analyzing, we noticed that the contaminated steel fiber of the tire recycling seemed to have characteristics similar to the fiber available on the market for concrete reinforcement and we decided to investigate the feasibility of reusing said fiber. We found that different universities had done studies in this regard but that no one had found a way to clean, condition and classify the fiber through an industrialized process.

Innovation is our DNA

After much research, different possible solutions for the conditioning of the waste are found and a 1:25 scale prototype is carried out to verify the possibility of industrializing this process. The results of this prototype were then validated by the Eduardo Torrojas construction institute, whose studies show that the fibers conform to the norms and requirements of the sector, giving their technical and professional support to this project.

With growth and sustainability as the main goal

Two years of design, improvement, and investment have been necessary to achieve the industrialization of the process, the construction of a 1: 1 scale prototype plant and the commercialization of the product.  

Nowadays, the opportunity of contributing to the circular economy is what unite us as a main value, achieving the removal of waste material from the environment and converting into a product with added value that is reintroduced into society to offer builders an affordable option, of high-quality and with minimal impact in carbon footprints.

Team Flexofibers

Alejandro Grases, General Director: 

Mechanical Production Engineer with 10 years of experience in the tire recycling industry, 8 years as General Manager of a 3,000,000 tires/year recycling plant and 2 years as an advisor in the design of tire recycling equipment. Previously 10 years of experience in the execution of concrete precasts in a stationary plant.

Manuel Grases, Director, Plant Manager: 

Mechanical and Hydraulic Engineer, with more than 30 years of experience in business entrepreneurship and development of technologies and processes. With a strong link with issues of renewable energy generation, mineral recycling and a passion for change towards the circular economy.

Ricardo Ayala, Director of Distribution and Sales: 

Mechanical Engineer with a master’s degree in Industrial Management and Business Management, an expert in logistics, distribution, and after-sales with an experience of more than 14 years in multinationals in the automotive sector. Passionate about the continuous improvement of processes that optimize productivity, diminishing carbon footprint. Trained to develop highly productive work teams in multicultural environments.

FLEXOfibers ™ is a group of metal fibres resulting from the recycling of old tyres, which have a high degree of tensile strength and flexibility. Its reduced diameter (250 microns – 0.25 mm) allows to obtain large quantities of filaments per unit of weight and lower dosages per cubic meter of concrete, making it a very competent product and coming from processes that comply with the circular economy.

FLEXOfibers ™ can be used for​:

  1.- Improve resistance to impact, abrasion and breakage in the solid state of the concrete, obtaining resistance equal to or greater than most of the macro-fibres on the market.

 2.- Prevent micro-cracks and shrinkage in early concrete as most micro-synthetic fibres do.